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It takes a team of dedicated professionals to care for children who have been abused. I.M. S.A.F.E. C.A.C. is coordinating with services including the Prosecutor's Office, State Police, County Sheriffs, City Police, Department of Human Services/Child Protective Services, community mental health, Medical Personnel, and Area Mental health Therapists in order to combine resources and to work together to promote the welfare of the child.



A team to support children in our community

The mission of the Ionia Montcalm Secure and Friendly Environment Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is to protect children by providing  multi-disciplinary investigation, assessment, and treatment of child abuse in an environment that is child-sensitive, supportive, and safe.


The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) shall   ensure cases of suspected child abuse are investigated in a consistent, effective, and            child-appropriate manner using a coordinated, multi-disciplinary team approach. The team will focus on prevention of child abuse, while also providing for proper assessment, management, prosecution and tracking of child abuse investigations.


The goals for the CAC have been developed as a cooperative effort by a team of community professionals expert in investigating and managing child abuse cases and committed to the treatment and prevention of all forms of child abuse. The overriding philosophy of the CAC is to consider first and foremost
what is best for the child.


Every child matters.

Ionia Montcalm Secure And Friendly Environment 

 Child Advocacy Center