Pay: $50,000 - $60,000 - Individual Healthcare Coverage, Personal Days, Vacation Days, and Holidays

Reports to: Program Director

Supervises: Interns and Volunteers

Job Description: Prefer Candidates with a Master’s degree (will consider a Bachelor’s degree) in an appropriate mental health field, with a minimum of two years’ experience dealing with child abuse cases (preferably child sexual and severe physical abuse).  An ideal candidate would have Trauma-Focused Therapy experience. Candidates should also be familiar with legal reporting requirements under the Michigan Child Protection Act, have excellent computer skills, written and oral communication skills, the ability to work well in a team environment, experience in crisis intervention, sexual abuse dynamics, and child development.  This position provides initial and on-going support services to the child abuse victims and/or family members including crisis intervention, advocacy, case updates, resource referrals, victim's rights information, education and more. Candidates must be comfortable with handling dogs since they will be trained as our canine advocate handler.

Duties Include:

I. Support services

a. Responsible for contacting all caregivers 7 days after their child’s forensic interview to answer questions and provide information and support. b. Responsible for making follow-up calls to caregivers at 30, 60, and 90 days and as needed to ensure access to CAC services and/or outside referrals, as well as to get feedback if children are receiving counseling services at other community agencies.

c. Provide information and referral for needed services, such as long term counseling outside the CAC, support groups, medical care, emergency financial assistance, and other community resources to resolve issues related to victimization.

d. Maintain an adequate amount of Parent Packs ready for distribution.

e. Maintain adequate supplies for the parent packs, ordering when necessary.

f. Review materials quarterly to ensure our materials are up to date, review proposed changes with the Program Director.

II. Immediate Crisis Intervention

a. When appropriate, involved with Pre/Post forensic interview with caregivers providing crisis intervention if necessary.

b. Make an initial assessment of the child victim and family treatment needs.

c. Meet with parents face to face when available or contact by phone to explain pertinent information and support resources.

d. Coordinate with the counselors to provide referral information to therapists already involved in providing treatment to the child.

III. On-Going Crisis Intervention Services

a. When you are conducting crisis counseling with a caregiver, offer the caregiver appropriate paperwork prior to any referral for further counseling.

b. Meet with caregiver to obtain family history and signed releases.

c. Following the interview make appropriate recommendations for counseling.

d. Follow-up with those who were referred to ensure clients accessed services and ascertain their feelings regarding services they are receiving e. Maintain adequate and organized documentation of contacts with clients in the Access database within one week.

IV. Crime Victim’s Compensation

a. Provide information and application to all parents of child victims who may qualify for reimbursement

b. Assist caregiver in CVSC packet completion

V. Multi-disciplinary Team Support

a. Help Forensic Interviewer Coordinate MDT participation in interviews, counseling, and medical exams as appropriate.

b. Obtain updates from MDT members regarding case status.

c. Notify the team when client families arrive d. Provide supervision for all clients in the waiting room area.

VI. Data Base/Case Review

a. Help the Forensic Interviewer coordinate and prepare for case review.

b. Responsible for core client database audit

c. Record all case tracking/client contact information into the database.

VII. Other duties

a. Attend Staff meetings and Case Review

b. Participate in staff functions

c. Prepare OMS Surveys

d. Collaborate on NCA and Egrams Statistical Reporting

e. Oversee Alfred’s Corner

f. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director 

To Apply please send your cover letter, resume, and 3 business references to Lori Kirkhoff at


Full Time Position Pays: $60,000.00 Per Year, includes Individual Health Care, Dental, Vision, Personal Days, and Vacation Days

Part Time Position Pays: $30,000.00 per year no other benefits

Minimum Qualifications:  Prefer a person with a fully licensed Master’s Degree in Social Work or another related field but will also consider a limited license in a related field. Prefer applicants with training in TF-CBT or evidence-based practice. Demonstrated professional experience with children and a demonstrated knowledge of child abuse and neglect issues and child development. Ability to communicate with a wide range of children from different cultural backgrounds and with differing levels of development. Strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. An ability to work independently and also function effectively as part of a team. 

Job Description: The position provides therapy to children, adolescents, and non-offending parents impacted by child sexual abuse. This position will be the primary contact for crisis calls and walk-in during regular work hours. This position is a part-time position and will require travel to training. This position will require evening hours Monday through Thursday.  

Duties include:

I. Therapy and Parent Support Groups
a. Accept referrals for therapy from the Family Advocate.
b. Arrange therapy sessions with the client. 
c. Follow the guidelines of the therapy outlined for both in-office and outreach counseling services. 
d. Meet with the client in the office or at a remote approved location when necessary. 
e. Complete and submit all required case documentation (file notes and collaborate). 
f. Facilitate and/or co-facilitate support groups as needed focused on needs for parents.

g. Responsible for attending 24 hours of training per year pertaining to your role. Keep up to date training logs and record of all certificates. 
h. Must keep all certificates and licenses up to date and meet the requirements for full licensure in the state of Michigan. 
i. Build the counseling program to meet the needs of parents and victims. Will be assigned difficult cases where parents and/or caregivers do not believe or support the victim. 
j. Provide additional support for the clinical program as requested by the Program Director. 

II. Immediate Crisis Intervention and Referral Back Up
a. Responsible for Family Advocacy role should secondary trauma prohibit them from carrying out their role.

               i. Involved with Pre/Post forensic interview with caregivers providing crisis intervention, accurate information about child                     sexual abuse dynamics.

              ii. Meet with parents face to face during the forensic interview to provide immediate crisis intervention, explain pertinent                        information, and support resources.   Provide each family with a Caregiver packet. Document this 
              session in NCA/VOCA. Document notes regarding medicals, counseling, and any other special case dynamics.

III. Other Duties
a. Attend weekly staff meetings. 
b. Attend Case Reviews on Friday Mornings 
c. Attend CAC functions as requested. 
d. Prepare OMS surveys 
e. Enter information into NCA Track for NCA Statistical Reporting
f. Other duties as requested by the Executive Director and Program Director. 

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