We are currently seeking interns with interests in:

  • Accounting/Book Keeping
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Administration
  • Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Child Development
  • Social Work
  • Family Studies
  • Psychology
  • Public Relations

PAY: $60,000 Individual Healthcare Coverage, Personal Days, Vacation Days and Holidays
Reports to: Executive Director
Supervises: Therapists, Forensic Interviewer, Family Advocate, Intake Coordinator, and Clinical Coordinator
Job Description: The Program Director has primary responsibility for planning, coordinating, providing, and evaluating clinical services to child victims and their non-offending caregivers. Provide Clinical supervision as well as day to day oversight of the Family Advocate, Therapists, Forensic Interviewer, and Intake Coordinator. This position is a full-time position and may require travel to training and for direct service supervision.
Minimum Qualifications: This position requires a fully licensed Master’s Degree in Social Work or another related field. Understanding of trauma and its impact on survivors is preferred. Demonstrated professional experience with children and a demonstrated knowledge of child abuse and neglect issues and child development. Ability to communicate with a wide range of children from different cultural backgrounds and with differing levels of development. Experience working with Grants. Strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. An ability to work independently and also function effectively as part of a team.

Duties include:

I. Administrative Functions
     a. Provide weekly clinical supervision and day to day oversight of the Family Advocate, Therapists, Forensic Interviewer, and Intake     

     b. Manage grant requirements including ensuring quality service provision, effective documentation, and structured outcome

          evaluation procedures (OMS).
     c. Monitor VOCA grant and ensure all requirements are successfully fulfilled.
     d. Maintain understanding of NCA Standards for CAC and ensure the policies and practices of our CAC are in compliance.
     e. Prepare for and lead monthly Clinical Meetings.
     f. Assign and monitor clinical programs.
     g. Ensure all VOCA funded staff and VOCA match are provided with 24 hours of training each fiscal year and document that in VOCA

         Quarterly reports.
     h. Ensure Collaborate database information is correct and information collected can be reported in a timely manner.
     i. Review current services and programs for effectiveness, oversee implementation of new and existing programs, assess

        programmatic needs, assist in creation of new programs and expanded services.
     j. Provides oversight of all CAC programs and all staff in absence of Executive Director.
     k. Must attend 24 hours of training pertinent to current role and keep up to date records and certificates of all training hours.
     l. Must keep all certificates and licenses up to date and meet the requirements for full licensure in the state of Michigan.

II. Service Provision
     a. Ensure clinical services are provided to child victims and their non-offending caregivers.
     b. Provide direct service to a maximum of five individual counseling clients.
     c. Ensure support group opportunities are provided and match client need.
     d. Assign clinical clients to Therapists, and MSW Interns, monitor progress.
     e. Provide oversight to the PSB screening Program and lay the foundation for growth.
     f. Provide clinical expertise to MDT during bi-weekly MDT case review.
     g. Provide Program and clinical updates to the Leadership Team.
     h. Serve as the Children’s Advocacy Center representative on community boards and committees.
     i. Ensure there are evening hours provided by all therapists no less than one evening a week during the school calendar year for

        counseling clients and support group opportunities.

III. Other Duties
     a. Attend weekly staff meetings and Leadership Team meetings
     b. Attend CAC functions as requested
     c. Attend MDT meetings serving as Clinical/Mental Health Representative
     d. Coordinate CAC training calendar for professionals and lay persons
     e. Attend Monthly Case Reviews
     f. Other duties as requested by the Executive Director

TO APPLY: Send letter of interest, resume, and three business references to the Executive Director, Lori Kirkhoff, at imsafecac@gmail.com

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