The Process: 

The day of the forensic interview, you (the non-offending caregiver) will get the opportunity to meet with the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT).  During the pre-interview completed with you and the MDT members they will be gathering information about your child, your family, and anything else relevant to the interview.  Also in that time you may ask any  questions you may still have.  After the pre-interview your child will get a Forensic Interview in a child friendly room.  Other members of the MDT team will be in another room watching the interview on a TV.   In order to maintain best practice and credibility, all Forensic Interviews are videotaped and the DVD’s are immediately turned over to the corresponding Law Enforcement agency.  After the interview, the MDT will meet again with you (non-offending caregiver) to discuss the Forensic Interview & next steps.  

What Should I Tell My Child? 

Sweet and simple is key.  Informing your child of the process is good so they have an idea of how things are going to run.  Make sure to not ask any leading questions, or to keep questioning the child about the report made. 

Forensic interviews are provided to children, young adults, and vulnerable adults who have been victims of abuse or a witness of abuse. 

*All services offered by the IM SAFE CAC are free of charge

Forensic Interviews