Forensic Interviews



Mental Health

  • Listen carefully to the child.

  • Let them know they have done the right thing.

  • Tell them it's not their fault.

  • Say you will take them seriously.

  • Don't talk to the reported abuser.

  • Explain what you will do next.

  • Call 855-444-3911 immediately to report the information

Family Advocacy

Mental Health services are made available to all children and families receiving services from the CAC, either at the center or by way of our community partners in Ionia and Montcalm Counties.

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Here at the IM SAFE CAC we believe in doing what is best for the child. The CAC was founded to eliminate the amount of times a child tells their story. Once the child tells their story the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) work together to provide the child and other non-offending family members with services they need. 

*All services offered by the IM SAFE CAC are free of charge

Services We Offer

Medical Examination

If appropriate, this will be conducted by a specialized physician with the Center for Child Protection at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

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This allows the child to speak with a specially trained interviewer in a non-suggestive way in order to gather facts about the reported abuse. Team members may also be present to observe via a closed circuit TV, i.e. law enforcement, children's protective services, and prosecutors.

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We establish and maintain contact with the family and support them throughout the entire investigation and prosecution process. The Family Advocate provides crisis intervention, case updates, courtroom support, and referrals to other services.

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The IM SAFE CAC provides children and families a safe and friendly space to process their trauma.